Otello set 1 | Kid Work Set
Otello set 1 | Kid Work Set
Otello set 1 | Kid Work Set-1

Otello set 1 | Kid Work Set

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Otello writing desk is designed with a shelf to store a large number of books. suitable for variety of book sizes . Therefore, the bookshelf is designed in sections that can hold large books such as textbooks, exercises, folders and bookshelves that are used to store small books such as pocket books, comic books. Make the most useful space. 1 Desk size 100x60x75 cm. 2 drawer cabinet size 40x52x63 cm. (adjustable height 75 cm.) 3 bookshelf size 107x28x161 cm.




Width  247 cm.  Height  161 cm.  Depth  60 cm.

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