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Electric Adjustable bed / Elderly bed with 6 year warranty

Did you know? In addition to the general beds, There is another type of bed that will provide comfort. And it comes with various benefits, namely 'adjustable bed' or 'adjustable mattress' where we can adjust the bed to various positions with the remote. Meets many usage needs and can also be used as a bed for the elderly. To help the elderly sleep comfortably. and can be applied in conjunction with caring for patients in the home That requires special care as well.

Electric adjustable bed with benefits beyond modernity

Adjustable bed is a bed that can adjust the height of every part of the bed. Each part of the bed works separately. Both the head of the bed, the middle of the bed, and the foot of the bed. We can easily adjust the level of the bed with the remote so that it can support every part of the body. Therefore, it meets the needs of a variety of applications. Both help us sleep comfortably. You can relax completely. And can also adjust the level to suit viewing movies at the appropriate level without causing pain. In addition, sleeping on an adjustable mattress It also helps improve our health. Because we can adjust the level of the bed to suit the health problem, such as raising the legs. To help the circulatory system work well or adjust the head of the bed to be higher to help breathe easily. Reduce snoring problems and relieve symptoms of acid reflux

it's worth using. Answering the needs of caring for the elderly

In addition to helping provide superior relaxation, Electric adjustable bed Can also be used as an electric bed for the elderly. Because the adjustable bed can be adjusted to suit many sleeping positions. This makes it difficult for elderly people who have mobility or sleep problems. You can rest fully. Easy to sit up. And the important thing is Elderly electric bed also meets the needs of patient care. With a function that can change the bed angle freely. This makes it easy to help the patient get up. And be able to sit and eat on the bed. Ready to help reduce the chance of pressure sores. For patients who have difficulty moving, we can adjust the level comfortably with the remote. Helps save energy and save time when moving the body very well.

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