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Lock security With small and large safes for home use.

Whoever has valuable property at home must listen! Because you will never be able to predict which day a thief will break into your house. Finding a preventive solution is therefore important. To improve safety and peace of mind for your own belongings, "Small Safe" is one of the options that answers the question. But before focusing on t the above types of safes. Let's explore how many other types of safes are there?


The importance of having a "safe box" in your home.

When talking about the safety of assets within the home, we can't deny that “Small safes” are electronic devices that play the most important role. Because it can perform a dense protective function through an advanced security lock system. Let's take a closer look at safes in their role as security assistants. How important will it be in collecting things?

  • Helps to keep valuables safe.

Small safes for home use is an important solution to store assets densely and securely. Whether it's cash or even important documents, This is to keep it out of sight and from people who are not authorized to access it. It is also organized to prevent damage that may occur to property.

  • Deter theft or delay the thief 

Even though it is a small safe, it does not mean that it is not effective in protecting your belongings from theft. Because the weight is greater than the outside size. For example, It's the same size as a microwave cabinet but weighs up to 30 kilograms. It includes a dense security lock from different protection systems. All of these are important mechanisms to help delay criminals from theft. And there is a high chance of being caught before the code is cracked. Or the move is complete.

  • Prevent damage to property from fire and natural disasters.

Both small and large safes are all designed to be fireproof and resistant to high temperatures. To protect the valuables stored inside. Not to be destroyed by fire or heat that causes it to melt. At the same time, some safes are also waterproof from flooding. Do not allow it to sneak in and cause damage to property inside the cabinet.

How many types of safes are there? Which type is suitable for the home?

Because today there are many types of safes. Because it was developed to be suitable for use in different purposes. Having a guideline for selecting the type is suitable for use within the home. Therefore it is an important choice. And here are the 3 types of safes that have already been tapped: Most commonly used within the home.

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  • Key and combination safes

Familiar traditional safety deposit box must have a combination lock system and use a key. This is a safe that does not use electricity to operate. Suitable for long-term use, more than 10 years, but has the disadvantage of being large in size. Difficult to move.

  • Small safe with fingerprint scanner

fingerprint scanning safe is an electronic safe which is very popular for use in homes. In general, it can remember up to 100 fingerprints, suitable for applications that are frequently turned on and off. Because fingerprint scanning is more convenient to use. They are commonly used to store small items such as gold, necklaces, rings, diamonds, and cash etc.

  • Small safe with push button

Another locking system is very popular in households. It is a keypad safe that is similar to a mobile phone's PIN code. You can set a digital code from 4-10 digits, suitable for users who don't want hassle. Can store things quickly It can be said that it is a system that is both popular and has a good level of security.

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